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The Ugliest Suit in the History of Suits…

It’s baaaacccckkkkk ((scary music))…

And so it began with Kim Stagliano HERE.

First stop:  Michelle O’Neal HERE.

Then:  Over to me HERE.

Next:  Off to Petra HERE.

Petra passed it on to Angela Warner, and now the time has come to show the fruits of Ang’s labor HERE.  Remember, she’ll be passing the suit on to the next *lucky* winner; so hop on over to and put your name in the hat!

Ang, you better watch out, child protective services is gonna be after you!  I kid of course.  Emma looks happy and it was her idea… One I’m sure she’ll regret 10 years from now when you show all of her friends that picture! ;-)

Good job Ang!  Da Ugli-Suit lives on!!!!  Long live the Ugly Stag-Suit!

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