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Boy, What A Day…

UPDATE:  Yeah, never blog and drink while suffering from heat exhaustion… the errors in the original post were hilarious.  My husband was up before me and, thankfully, fixed a few glaringly obvious errors.  I will re-read the post after I drink a cup of coffee and fix anything that is left.


The air was as thick with emotions as it was with humidity; making it nearly impossible for me to control my tears.  So many people… people who had waited a long ass time to have this day.

OMG, I met Kim Stagliano 5 minutes after we arrived to line up.  Coolness!  After the rally, I stalked her and begged for a picture.  How in the hell she managed to look so calm and cool (figuratively and literally) in the heat is beyond me.

Marching down Independence Ave. with tears rolling down my face.  Sobbing really.  Yeah, I totally lost it.  But my sister and I put our arms around each other and we just let it all out.  It was quite the cathartic experience.

There were many homemade signs that were chilling, touching, and intentionally scary.

Walking past the Department of Health and Human Services shouting, “Too many, too soon, shame on you!”  Yeah, that was pretty freaking cool!

Dr. Jay Gordon gave us all a hug, one we all needed sorely.

Dr. Boyd Haley ripped a new a$$hole for the media saying, “You are a huge part of the problem!”

RFK Jr. introduced us to the idea that Dr. Paul Offit is the “biggest BIOSTITUTE of them all.”  He also laid into the press, telling them they needed to READ THE SCIENCE instead of relying on CDC issued statements to quote to us all.  Oh yeah, he fired us up, with a capital “U”!

Jim Carrey… where do I start?  If you’ll hang with me for a sec, I’ll give you some history and then bring it back around the bush and talk about today.

Years ago, before we were married, my husband and I were just friends, we took a road trip from West Palm Beach to Atlanta to Memphis.  That’s a lot of mileage and a lot of talking – probably why we ended up crossing the line into relationship land.

Anyway, we were talking about favorite movies when Jim Carrey’s name came up.  My husband is a fan.  I said, “Jim Carrey?  I don’t really care for his stuff.”  Mike said, “How can you not like Jim Carrey?!?”  I said, “Well, I really loved him on In Living Color…”  Fast forward a few years, we had just married, the subject came up again.  Mike said, after reading something about Jim Carrey, “Man, he’s so funny!”  I said, “Meh, I’m not really a fan…. although, I did love him on In Living Color… and as the Grinch, man, that was genius!”  Mike just shook his head, bemused.

Fast forward a few more years and the subject comes up again.  Mike says something about Jim Carrey.  I said, “You know I’m not really a fan of his…. but In Living Color was great…. The Grinch was hilarious… The Truman Show was freaking fantastic… Oh! Oh!  And Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.. that movie was incredible!”  Again, Mike shook his head; but, this time he said, “Are you kidding me?  You really don’t care for Jim Carrey, yet you think every movie he has been in has been incredible?”

Now let’s fast forward to Washington DC, June 4th, 2008.  Jim Carrey takes the stage at the Green Our Vaccines Rally.  I was thinking, “This is going to be nice.  He clearly loves Jenny McC and Evan. He’ll probably just talk real quick and then introduce Jenny.”  And then he opened his mouth and spoke.

Any of you peeps out there who were watching Jim Carrey in person, did you see the wings and halo, or was it just me?  I swear, the guy was riveting!  He talked of how our children are “canaries in the coalmine,” stunning.  He was just so damned good.  We all talk about how lucky we are to have Jenny McCarthy out there speaking for us and our kids; well, I’m here to tell you, we’re doubly lucky.  I think it was Age of Autism that said of Jim, “inspiring.”  I couldn’t agree more.

And finally, Jenny McCarthy.  What can I possibly say that hasn’t been said time and time again… not much.  Only that she is our very own angel and I can’t think of anyone who could do a better job than she has done.  I am proud to have her standing for my son.

Thank you TACA, Generation Rescue, Healing Every Autistic Life, and Moms Against Mercury.

Thank you Dr. Jay Gordon, Dr. Boyd Haley, and RFK Jr.

Thank you Jim Carrey, and welcome to our world.

Thank you Jenny, thank you for raising your voice and helping, encouraging, and enabling us to do the same.

Today was historical.  It was the memory and experience of a lifetime.  It was un-fu@#ing believable! ;-)

4 Responses to “Boy, What A Day…”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share in your experience and impressions. I was not able to attend the rally so really appreciate hearing about your experience. I look forward to hearing more and seeing any photos. Sincerely, Beth

  2. Stagmom Says:

    You’re too funny! And way too kind. Cool? Did you see my crazy hair piled on top of my head?? Man, it was hot! Great to meet you too. Send me that photo, won’t you? :)


  3. Angela Warner Says:

    Jeanne! I can not wait to see the rest of your video and pics! The sign you made was awesome. I’m glad you were able to find a flag. Thank you so much for putting our family up! I was literally glued to my pc all day on Wednesday! I know the emotions I’ve felt just seeing some of the video and I can not imagine how over whelming it must have been to be there and experience it first hand.

    Thank you for sharing the day for those of us who were not able to be there! And I can’t wait to see the pic of Kim looking “cool” with her hair piled on top of her head :D


  4. Jeanne Says:

    Beth, thank you!

    Kim!! Cool!! I will email the photo when I am back home. We’re pulling out of here in about 4 hours. I am So excited about a 20 hour drive home…

    Ang, my phone is dead and I have no charger. Your number and email are on my phone (of course they are). I will call you Monday when I am home and all electronics are back in working order. The eagle did not land. I know, I am disappointed as well; but, there was a last minute change of plans due to emergency situation. I know you’ll understand once we talk. I have already concocted Plan B (or is it Plan C?).

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