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You MUST Get This 5 Star Paleo Cookbook

After receiving my copy of Paleo Indulgences, a new cookbook crammed with the most eye-popping, mouth-watering, inspiring food I’ve seen in a long time, I decided to take a few recipes for a spin.

Let me first say, I would love to lock myself in my kitchen and try every single recipe in this book, because trust me people… every single page looks AWESOME! But, I had time constraints today so I had to pick a few quick recipes.

I started with Candied Coconut Walnuts (I added pecans and sunflower seeds), then moved on to Mint-Chip Coconut Bark, and lastly moved on to Almond o’ Joys (I was out of whole almonds so I used slivers).

Lord have mercy! This is, hands down, one of the BEST cookbooks out there for Paleo recipes. Go get yourself a copy! You can thank me later! ;)


2 Responses to “You MUST Get This 5 Star Paleo Cookbook”

  1. Kate Says:

    Oh goodness… that books sounds too good! Hubby and I recently started a paleo-like diet to help break sugar cravings, and help with a candida overgrowth. We have to even avoid xylitol and fruits for now, but once the overgrowth and addictions are taken care of, we plan to slowly reintroduce those items. This book would be a fantastic reward for making it through the 3 months, once we get to enjoy some of those items again!

    That aside – this site is inspiring. I’m sorry to hear about your son, but it is beautiful to see you all taking charge of your health and doing something about it, and researching and studying on your own! What we use to fuel our bodies is so critical, and so under-appreciated by too many people.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks so much for the compliments! :) And yeah, the book is INCREDIBLE! I also use it to make occasional treats as rewards for Charlie and myself.

    Good luck with your candida battle, it’s a tough one. We’ve been sugar free for a handful of years and have not had troubles with candida since. The Paleo plan has really been beneficial in helping fight that battle.

    Take care and thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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