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A Guilty Conscience… ? That’s huge!

My daughter just came to me and said, “Did you ask Charlie to apologize to me?” I said, “What? Why? What for?” She said, “For my cassette adapter being broken?” I said, “Nope.” But then I remembered…

Last week my daughter had come to me and asked if I had any idea why the cassette adapter in her car wasn’t working. I said no, which at the time was true.

Fast forward to today. Charlie and I were out running an errand. We were chatting about something and I noticed he ejected a cassette adapter in my car (which is also the car my son’s band uses when touring). I said, “Please don’t play with that bud, it doesn’t belong to us and I don’t want it to get broken.”  Charlie said, “I won’t break it, I’ll be careful.”  I said, “Well, your sister said hers got broken last week so they must be fragile.”

And so we come full-circle to the story of my daughter Julie and of Charlie apologizing to her. The rest of this post is in her words (two guest posts by two of my kids in the same day…. unheard of!):

Julie heard a knock at her bedroom door and said, “Come in.”  But whoever it was didn’t hear her.

Then she heard Charlie say, “Julie, can I talk to you? I feel really, really bad.”

Julie said, “Come in!”

Charlie walked in timidly and Julie said, “Hey bud, what is it?”

Charlie said (while tearing up), “Please don’t be mad at me.”

Julie responded with, “Just tell me what you did!”

Charlie took Julie’s hand and said, “I might have accidentally broken your tape player in your car.. It was a long time ago though, and I’m really, really sorry, I feel so, so bad.  Are you mad?”

Julie said, “Of course not! I’m glad you told me the truth. Did Mommy tell you to come in here and apologize?”

Charlie said, “No, I just felt so, so bad about it and I’m so sorry that I lied about it.”

Julie gave Charlie a hug and Charlie walked out with a much cleaner conscience.

2 Responses to “A Guilty Conscience… ? That’s huge!”

  1. Michelle O'Neil Says:

    Guilt AND lies! So much to celebrate!

    Good work mama! LOL I know how big that is.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Thank you for validating my celebration in the guilt and the LIE! lol

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