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Guest Blogger: Charlie Cantkier

This morning Charlie asked if he could write a blog post for CharlieInWonderland. I was so excited I agreed to allow his guest post to count as his “Composition” class for the day. So without further ado… Heeeeeerrrreee’s Charlie! Oh, wait.. he wanted to make sure I typed, “And now for our Special Guest Star… Charlie!”

Hello, I’m Charlie, and today I’m going to tell you about something I found at Rite Aid. I went to buy balloons and string for a science project. While my mom and I were looking at everything on the sale aisle, we couldn’t believe how much cool stuff was so cheap! So we had a summer splurge!

The first thing we found was coloring books for three of my cousins, who are little girls. We got them one My Little Pony activity book and two Care Bears coloring books. They were only a quarter each too!

We also found a cute mom and baby seal puzzle, it looks hard but fun. They had a few others but this one was the best I think. It was only 99 cents!!

There was so much cool stuff on sale today! We also found some outdoor toys. We got a big, plastic softball bat and ball (2.49), and a plastic lacrosse set (4.99). We won’t play now cuz it’s too hot outside. But when Fall comes we’ll play with these new toys outside. Probably for my PE class or something. Or I guess just for fun.

Then, I looked down and saw something really nostalgic and cool. Go Go Crazy Bones, the original version from the year 2000!! I love nostalgic stuff, it’s cool. The really good news is they were on clearance for only 25 cents!! Mom said I could get 5, and so I did.

But there was a thing I saw that I didn’t get, which was the Atari Flashback 3. It wasn’t on clearance and it was $39.99 – which was expensive. So maybe we’ll just wait until it goes on the big sale.

And lastly, when we were driving home, I saw a place called Arby’s.  I don’t ever eat Arby’s or any other fast food because I’m allergic and because I’m Paleo aka Caveman!!  Anyways, Arby’s is holding a contest where if you take a picture of your drink cup you’ll win. I told my mom, “Hey Mom, Arby’s has a contest called Snap to Rock and everyone wins and no one loses!” My mom said, “It’s more like everyone loses and no one wins because that food will kill you!” That made me L.O.L.

So that’s the story on how I found a nostalgic item at Rite Aid and did not get a cool item cuz it costs too much money.

Fin (The End).

6 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Charlie Cantkier”

  1. KFuller Says:

    Wow Charlie! Not only are you an excellent writer, you are an excellent writer! I have no idea what Go Go Crazy Bones are, I must be too old.
    Your Mom is correct about that fast food stuff. What kind of contest only gives you unhealthy food. Not a contest I would enter. And your Mom knows that I am a big contest person!!! Great blog post buddy. I’m on my way to Rite Aid now!!!

  2. KFuller Says:

    Well now…that was supposed to be…Not only are you and excellent writer, you are an excellent shopper. Darned cut and paste!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Thank you for giving your reaction. Go Go Crazy bones are little plastic toys that you play games with. They’re collectibles kind of like Mighty Beanz. And if you don’t know what Mighty Beanz are they are little plastic beans with metalic balls inside that makes them move. I hope you enjoy buying things at Rite Aid!!


  4. KFuller Says:

    Thanks for the explanation!

  5. Michelle O'Neil Says:


    I like your enthusiasm and your humor. Congrats on all your great buys.

  6. Jeanne Says:

    Wooooo! I’m a great buyer!


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