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Cookie Dough Snack Balls

Before you get all worked up, these little treats are gluten, casein, soy, corn, and EGG free. They are low sugar (I’m out of my sugar free chocolate so I had to use Enjoy Life Mini Chips). Next time I make these they will be sugar free as well.

When I first mixed them up the dough did not come out to my liking – I had used 2 tbsp of coconut oil.  The recipe HERE calls for you to just mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl (I assumed in the order listed). That didn’t work for me and I ended up scrapping the first batch (no amount of adding extra almond flour was fixing the problem – mainly because the coconut oil had not mixed in well with the dry ingredients).

My second attempt came out much better.  I approached the recipe as I would a regular cookie recipe and mixed the ingredients accordingly.

1. I put the xylitol and the coconut oil in a bowl and “creamed” them with a fork until they came together, which only took a few seconds.

2. I then added in only 1 TSP of vanilla and 5 drops of Vanilla Creme Stevia (I’ll use 2 or 3 drops next time) and worked it all together until it was blended.

3. Next came the almond flour and a pinch of salt.

4.  After working the mixture together with the fork until I felt like everything had married nicely, I added in 1 TBSP of coconut milk (next time I will add in the milk 1 tsp at a time, as I think my end result the second time around was a bit on the wet side).

5. The last thing I did was stir in some chocolate chips.  As I mentioned, I didn’t have any dark chocolate (sugar free), so I added in some Enjoy Life Mini Chips I had in the freezer from our sugar eating days. This, of course, makes the recipe low-sugar instead of sugar fee – which I will strive for next time around.

I then formed the dough into balls and offered one to Charlie. He said it didn’t taste like original cookie dough, but that it was pretty good. I had an idea to pop the cookie dough balls into the freezer for a bit to get them set up – in my mind it would be a bonbon type thing. When Charlie had one of those he said they tasted like what he thinks cookie dough ice cream must taste like. He’s never had cookie dough ice cream… I can see we will be making a batch this summer!

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