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Why My Son Has Autism

slipperyCharlie was born October 2001.  I believe with every fiber of my being that my son would not have an autism diagnosis today, not be sick and suffering, if I had not allowed him to be vaccinated, if we had used non-toxic products around the house, and if I had taken more care to feed him only good, clean foods.  I can never go back, never change the past; however, I can help others by sharing what happened to my son.

I’ve been an autism advocate for the past 4 years, a vaccine safety advocate for the past 2 years, a Generation Rescue Angel the past year.  You wanna know something?  I’m sick and damn tired of it.  I’m tired of the uphill battle.  I’m tired of the continued “debate” when we have so many children who have been affected by vaccines.  I’m tired of the ND crowd attacking us and suggesting we do not accept our children or love our children.  And I’m scared.  I’m scared of the number of calls and emails I get each month via my Rescue Angel status.  I don’t want to get to know anyone else.  I don’t want to make more friends.  I don’t want to hear the same story over, and over, and over.  I want this madness to stop.

But, even though I am tired, I will remain an advocate for as long as needed, a Rescue Angel as well.  I will help anyone who asks for help.  I will take action with my legislators when needed.  I will do whatever I need to do to try to stop the madness.

What I won’t stop doing is telling my child’s story.  I won’t stop warning others of the dangers of our current vaccine schedule, environmental toxins, and the dangers of certain foods – because in my opinion, THIS is why my son has autism.  Vaccines. Other environmental toxins.  Unhealthy food supply.

Be safe and smart for your children, and for yourself.  Educate yourself with vaccine safety.  Live as toxin-free as you can.  Allow only clean, healthy foods for your family.

Here is Charlie’s shot record. I wanted to share this info with you all so you could see what pushed my child over the edge.

12/20/2001 DTaP1, Hib1 (Comvax), IPV1, HepB1 (Comvax), Prevnar1

02/26/2002 DTaP2, Hib2 (Comvax),IPV2, HepB2 (Comvax), Prevnar2

04/25/2002 DTaP3, Prevnar3

10/24/2002 Hib3 (Comvax), IPV3, MMR1, HepB3 (Comvax)

It was shortly after this set of vaccines my son started slipping away.  He lost language, became distant, and began eating his cribs (he went through two), and the diarrhea set in (more than 8 diapers every day, full of toxic slime).

03/04/2003 DTaP4, Varicella1, Prevnar4

11/07/2003 HepA1

After these last two sets of vaccines my son began to exhibit extreme hyperactivity, sinus problems, chronic coughing, chronic nose bleeds, and shrieking.

Charlie was diagnosed with autism shortly after his last round of vaccines. Two years later (and thanks to DAN! and biomedical & dietary interventions) we had fully recovered him, he was INDISTINGUISHABLE from his peers – was accepted to a private kindergarten where they had NO idea he had autism, they just didn’t believe it, they insisted on seeing a copy of the official diagnosis report from the doctor… THAT’S how recovered he was.

And then it was time for kindergarten shots.  I did it.  I knew people believed vaccines were the cause; still, I turned a blind eye and I took him in for the last set because I did not believe our government would allow such a crime against our children.  I still cringe at my stupidity.  The Summer of ’07 was the last time I saw my son happy, healthy, and fully recovered.

08/07/2007 DTaP5, HepA2, IPV4, MMR2 (ProQuad), Varicella2 (ProQuad)

Charlie had a horrific reaction to these vaccines. He was lying in his bed, lethargic and whimpering. His neck was stiff, his leg was red and swollen, he had a fever.  I called the pediatrician and was told by the nurse that this was normal, and that I should just keep giving him Tylenol until the symptoms faded.  Once again, I still cringe at my stupidity.

Two weeks later Charlie started having seizures and migraines.  Three months later the autism was back and he was forced out of the private school – because the Catholics in my area have no tolerance for a child in the throws of autism.

I blame myself for what has happened to my child – autism, twice.  I beg you all to do your homework when it comes to vaccines, toxins, and what passes as food in this country.  Don’t let your child become a number in autism prevelence.

10 Responses to “Why My Son Has Autism”

  1. navywifeandmom Says:

    Do not blame yourself Jeanne, You did the best you could with what you knew at the time. That is all any one of us did.

    I wish I could take the first year of my daughter’s life back and do it all over again as well. I hate it that she is six and nonverbal, that she suffered for three years from sleep deprivation and infection after infection before I got proper help for her. Before I smartened up and realize that mainstream doctors were not going to listen or understand that she was suffering, that they were going to chalk up everything to “autism”. “It’s part of the autism, just lock her in her room at night; it’s the way it goes with autism, they throw tantrums like that out of the blue, nothing you can do about it.”

    I got scared when I heard about that chelation death. And then a few years later I found out the real reason that the boy died (medical error). I didn’t try DAN! because that freaked me out. I listened to all the people (the ND people) who said that DAN! was wrong. I listened – and now my child is paying. I smartened up and realized that no, she was NOT going to get better with time; in fact she was only getting worse. That for whatever reason, she was not responding to traditional behavioral therapies and she needed more. And after that I did not care if I was right or wrong.

    And now I get to put up with all these people who say that my motivation is because I don’t love her. That I just want a more “convenient” life. Convenience? Are they serious? Dietary changes suck and they are hard to follow and take commitment. There is NOTHING “convenient” about this path. I cannot help it. I am sick of it, too.

    I will likely become a Rescue Angel sometime down the road also. One nice thing is that my mother, who has firsthand experience of what it is like to raise a child like my daughter, has been informing people whose children have learning disabilities/autism symptoms, about Generation Rescue.

    We will win. Our children will win. Not all recover, but we will win. More people believe in us and our children than we think.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    We will win. Our children will win.

    I love that. Thank you.

  3. Petra Says:

    Jeanne? Ditto to what NavyWife said.. And keep on fighting the good fight.

    Sorry for not having dropped in much as of late. Not for lack of wanting, that’s for sure..

    [and your spam bot is kicking my butt again..]

  4. Stagmom Says:

    We each did our best with the info we had – and so we try to inform other moms to be and moms about the other side of vaccinations. Not to instill fear. Not to demand refusal. But to educate. It’s who we are. K

  5. jennifer Says:

    Jeanne – I am sitting her sobbing. Sobbing for having lived through what you have lived through – the regression part and sobbing for what you lost, what once again gained and what you lost again. It is a tough road we have – questioning everything, researching it all, adjusting each vitamin, mineral and therapy to our own specific kid(s). Some days I know why I was blessed with my energy and organization and other days I think I cannot take one more minute of our suffering, of new families suffering, of all the lies.

  6. Debbie Gies Says:

    I too lived a similar nightmare 28 years ago. My son, now 29,suffered from hs first and 2nd DPT. The first at age 9 months was terrible. However, even after telling the doctor about his adverse reaction, the doctor felt that my son should continue the series. At 13 months, already beginning to walk and talk he received his 2nd dpt. Tis time, the reaction lasted for over 2 weeks. Excessive crying, high fevers, vomiting off and on.
    later , after he recuperated , I noticed he was no longer’with me” and he began crawling again. No one attributed this regression to his reaction to the DPT. I din’t want to get anymore shots but everyone nagged and nagged me. At 4 he needed a early intervention preschool but they would not allow his to attend until I completed all shots. What a nightmare !!!
    I finally was able to get info from my local chrirpractor shoing me that I could object to further vaccines (moral conviction similar to a religious held belief) They then had to allow my son entrance to this preschool even though he needed more shots.
    My story is a rather long one. I have spared you the years of detaila 215 547-7582 Contact me if you wish privately.

  7. Jenn E Says:

    My husband and I argued about this just last night.

    Our son has autism. Thinking back I feel vaccines have contributed to his autism. I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter when he was diagnosed. I’ve had her vaccinated but she has not had the mmr.

    I am pregnant with my third child. After now having the time to read and learn, I will be delaying this baby’s vaccines.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Melissa Says:

    Jeanne, I only just found your blog.. and this is OT, but I know you guys had some bad damage in the storm.. I’m in town (Southaven) and want to make sure you are all ok and ask if there’s anything you’re in need of? Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers…

  9. Jeanne Says:

    Petra, don’t apologize. I know you have A LOT (that’s putting it lightly) going on right now. I also know you “are there” for me, been feeling that the last few days especially! :)

    Kim, you are right, of course. Thank you!

    Jennifer, you hit the nail on the head with, “Some days I know why I was blessed with my energy and organization and other days I think I cannot take one more minute of our suffering, of new families suffering, of all the lies.”

    Debbie, thank you for sharing your story. It’s the trailblazing moms such as yourself that have allowed us “new” moms to help our children. We have such respect and love for all of you. :)

    Jenn, good for you! Delaying and only choosing those vaccines that are absolutely necessary is the way to go. Generation Rescue has a great alternate schedule on their site, if you are looking for more info on what to do and how to do it.

    Melissa, We are in Cordova (Countrywood). It is wonderful to see someone on my blog from my area. We are all fine and wanting for nothing, thanks to the generosity of my parents. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!

  10. Lola Says:

    no website my son has autism and i love him i done nothing wron but when he was about to turn 2 he stopped talking whe my second son was born blue started talking again sure he cant use his site words cause he is too damn smart but i am so tired of people blaming autism on everything there i dont care about my spelling or fingers there is nothing we can do it happens except it love them and lets find a cure quit blaming everything or one i am so tired of the schools and everything my son is on the border i am lucky but i know how hard breakfest lunch and dinner can be i know how hard it is to get ready for school and keep them there i know about the calls and paras but it gets better i know i am dealing with it just love your kids i one with adahd and one borderline autisitc im tired but i dont give up my kids are smart and hyper but i blame no one i cry yes i do when i hear what people say but i love my kids and they are mine i sympathize with moms with more sever cases but its not our fault i hope love our babies i love mine more than life i am tired of these sites trying to pin point what parents did hell i did everything rite and look at me