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David Kirby’s On A Roll

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

An excerpt from DK’s latest HuffPo piece:

Can vaccines contribute to the onset of autism in some children? I believe that contention is not only possible, it is plausible. More research is needed.

But anyone willing to make such a statement in public opens themselves up to the wrath of science. But the problem is, there is simply no such thing as “scientific consensus” when it comes to vaccines and autism.

Any scientist who tells you that this case is closed is either stupid, lying, or shockingly unwilling to acknowledge the facts on the ground.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article.

Dear Mr. President…

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

This letter was reprinted with permission by the author, Angela Warner,

Note: This letter To President Elect Obama was written for Age of Autism’s series of letters to our President Elect.

Dear President Elect Obama,

Congratulations on your election. As the 44th President of the United States of America, and the Leader of our Country, you have a huge job ahead of you. I have always been an optimist. If one has no hope, then what do they have? I am inspired by our country, and I have confidence that your actions will impact our great nation with desperately needed positive change. (more…)

Dr. Bryan Jepson… My Hero!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Are you familiar with Dr. Bryan Jepson?  Changing the Course of Autism, Thoughtful House, autism doc extraordinaire?  Well, if you thought the man could not possibly do anything else to make himself more of a hero to our community, think again.  Read this:

7-year-old Austin gets a new family, and a perfect fit
Updated: 11/23/2008 1:36:31 PM
By: Catie Beck

We last met Austin in March.

Several months ago we introduced you to a 7-year-old named Austin, who has autism, and needed a loving family to help him grow. This week Austin got what he was waiting for, his forever family. (more…)

Go Matthew Go!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Click the link above to watch a Fox News report on the Faiella Family’s quest to recover their son Matthew from autism.  Matthew has been down to Costa Rica for stem cell treatments and his parents have seen great improvements thus far (as you’ll see in the report).  As a matter of fact, the family just went down last week for the next round.  I’m looking forward to reading all about it on their blog,

Daniel, Ruth, you guys are awesome and I’m sending you lots of love and well wishes!  Matthew, YOU ROCK!!!  Not only are you the epitome of a Warrior Son, you’re cooler than Mario and Luigi all wrapped up in one!  And speaking of those two guys, happy belated b-day dude!  Charlie loved your birthday cake!

The Ugliest Suit in the History of Suits…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

It’s baaaacccckkkkk ((scary music))…

And so it began with Kim Stagliano HERE.

First stop:  Michelle O’Neal HERE.

Then:  Over to me HERE.

Next:  Off to Petra HERE.

Petra passed it on to Angela Warner, and now the time has come to show the fruits of Ang’s labor HERE.  Remember, she’ll be passing the suit on to the next *lucky* winner; so hop on over to and put your name in the hat!

Ang, you better watch out, child protective services is gonna be after you!  I kid of course.  Emma looks happy and it was her idea… One I’m sure she’ll regret 10 years from now when you show all of her friends that picture! ;-)

Good job Ang!  Da Ugli-Suit lives on!!!!  Long live the Ugly Stag-Suit!

Big News and a DK Love Fest

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

“There are likely multiple causes of the autism spectrum of disorders. Most scientists agree that today’s research will show that a person’s genetic profile may make them more or less susceptible to ASDs as a result of any number of factors such as infections, the physical environment, chemical exposures, or psychosocial components.”

CDC in response to a letter by David Kirby

And speaking of DK, the man is on a mission.  Seriously.  He is the hardest working, and most singly focused investigative reporter out there – one who won’t stop until he gets answers to his questions.  He has been targeted on many occasions (most recently HERE), by people looking to discredit him and his work (for shame!).  Thankfully, his work is solid (as is he), so these pesky attacks are really nothing more than a colossal waste of everyone’s time and energy.

Mr. Kirby is such a value to the autism community.  He is well respected by all who know him, and those who hope to some glorious day (ahem).  His work speaks for itself.  He’s the real deal kids.  He’s out there fighting for the truth.  Which means he’s out there fighting for our kids and for us.

I once said this to David Kirby in response to his incredibly important and astonishing report that 1 in 200 people carry mitochondrial disease mutation:

Mr. Kirby,
Watching you really is like watching a great boxer take out his opponent – left hook, right hook, upper, another left. The opponent is swaggering under the onslaught. One great hit after the next. I dare say it won’t be long before the big guy falls flat on his face, a count is given, and an arm is raised in victory.  Thank you, again (and again) for your persistence and determination to get the truth out there to the masses. You are, as I’ve said before, a hero to many (myself included).

The man is like the energizer bunny.  Or a Timex watch – he takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!  ;-)

Well, it would appear Mr. Wonderful (DK) and Mark Blaxill have performed a tag-team whammy this morning.  You want big news? Check out what these guys are saying today!  Read David’s mind-blowing piece on Age of Autism (HERE) as well as his HuffPo piece (HERE).  Read Mark Blaxill’s unbelievable AoA piece (HERE).

Bravo guys!  Bravo!

On Learning Faces

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Around 5:00 a.m. I heard Charlie get up and make his way to the bathroom.  I fell back into a light sleep because he’s beyond needing help anymore… there IS a God.  I guess it was about 15 minutes later when I opened my eyes and realized I hadn’t heard the toilet flush, hands being washed, or the door open.

I jumped out of bed with visions of the flu ((insert scary music)) bouncing around in my head.

“Oh please God, please don’t let it be the flu…. please, please, please, oh please…” (more…)

David Kirby’s Latest Huff-Po Piece

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

From DK’s Huff-Po piece:

Tomorrow, a few hundred very concerned citizens of Minnesota will gather to discuss a baffling and heartbreaking riddle: Why is the reported rate of autism among children of Somali refugees so alarmingly high (now an estimated 1-in-28 schoolchildren)?


Warrior Granny Indeed

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Remember me telling you guys about my brother’s wife being preggers?  How could you forget, right?  I mean, I was completely over the moon that day. But not because my brother’s wife was pregnant, no… I had known that for months.  And not to imply I wasn’t thrilled about the baby, I was/am.

No, I was over the moon that day because of my, now infamous, David Kirby’s Latest Horror Story post, which lead to my David Kirby Day!, a day that is now etched in my mind forever.  And yes Kim, I still get light headed when I think about it.  Pretty dorky huh?

Anyway, so the months have passed and my cutie-patootie sister-in-law has finally popped the pup! (more…)

Daily Charlie-ism

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Mike was trying to move a computer around and banged into a heavy wooden stool at our kitchen bar.

Out of nowhere Charlie and I hear a loud bang, while at the same time my husband yelps loudly in pain.  I said, “What happened?!?”  Charlie said, “You okay Dad?”

Mike says through gritted teeth, “Yes, owwwww, the…. fffff…. stupid stool just fell over and hit my shin.”

Charlie said, “Don’t say that Dad! Don’t say stupid!”

Mike breathes deep and says, “Sorry. It’s just, it hurt a lot.”

I was thinking, “Buck up little camper, it’s just a bump.”  And then I was thinking, “I wonder if the stool broke… that would be two stools broken by my husband.. the man has a problem with stools.”

Charlie ran in the room to watch as Mike grimaced and groaned over his injury.

Finally Charlie, having depleted his sympathy thimble, said, “It’s okay Dad. Stop making that sound.”

Mike said, “It hurts! Oooooooh….”

Charlie said, “Stop it Dad!”

Mike said, “My leg hurts really bad Charlie.”

Charlie said, “Come on Dad, you’re still alive.”


Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Working on a few new projects – I’m excited to talk to you about them; but I have to get everything to a launch point before I do.  I think you’ll all be very excited! :-)   Thanks for your emails of concern (and that one telling me to get off my ass).  LOL